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All right, Welcome back everybody to altcoin daily where you subscribe for an article on cryptocurrency every day. My name is Saddam, big things are happening, and as an investor. I want to stay informed.

Today we discussed the latest news involving aetherial involving Cardano involving Dogecoin involving v chain involving some lower cap. Altcoins, and much much more. So like always check the timestamps down below in the article description. And let's jump in aetherium is about to flip JP Morgan by market cap. 

This space is growing and this space is growing fast. We can see the top assets by market cap ranked right here near the top. Of course, we have our apples or Microsoft's Amazon's Google's Bitcoin, the network now valuable in the company of Facebook. These are our top contenders. And of course, if we look up aetherial right here ranked number 15. 

Just under just about the past, JPMorgan Chase. And right now more valuable than Johnson and Johnson. It's very telling to see where the money is flowing. Now, of course, keep in mind that the market potential for Bitcoin and Ethereum is global. As opposed to companies like Apple like Facebook. They wish they were global, they want to be global.

But China, for example, they have their own internet, they knock off the apple and have their own thing. And by the way, just to be very realistic. A lot of these institutions are plugging into these monetary networks like Bitcoin, like aetherium not even so much. Because they want to, but they kind of has to risk getting left behind. That is the awakening we're seeing in the year 2021 for cryptocurrency. Next piece of news. 

Bitcoin ETF

The race for the first aetherium ETF in the US begins as Vanek files for registration, and that filing is with the US sec. On Friday, the global investment manager Vanek submitted its application for the Vanek Ethereum trust. As the firm awaits the SEC ruling on its proposed Bitcoin ETF. So shares for both crypto ETFs will trade on the Chicago board options exchange CBOE and if slash. When this happens, this will be a huge on-ramp for institutional money. The eath ETF will give investors direct exposure to the digital asset without directly investing in it. 

So the fund will have to hold the eath for investors than to be able to invest in a direct quote. The trust provides direct exposure to Ethereum and the shares of the trust are valued on a daily basis using prices drawn from a carefully evaluated group of exchanges selected by m v is and to define that. The M v is a theory of benchmark rate functions as a reference rate for funds and asset managers. 

Which aggregates the transaction prices on the top five global exchanges, which would be major. In my opinion, we will see a Bitcoin ETF way before we see an aetherium ETF. I would think that just like we've seen in the last few years, with Bitcoin ETFs this will continue to be pushed back and maybe resubmitted. 

Now, maybe not if accepted this year, it would be huge and it is a good sign coming from Vanek. Which is heavily respected. So give me your thoughts down below. I'll keep searching I will keep you updated. Before we get to a lower cap altcoin news an interesting metric you should see Coinbase. 

Which is usually a really good proxy for retail interest is getting the most volume for dinosaur 2017 coins right now. As opposed to the newer coins, defy coins barely getting traded in the grand scheme of things. So check this out.

This is the volume on Coinbase over the last 24 hours. We can see that the most interest is for aetherium Bitcoin aetherial classic Cardano and polygon followed by the light coins. The makers the chain links, which is interesting compared to the newer defy coins like you're in finance, like sushi, like are they in one inch the graph pale in comparison.

Now, why is this? 

Because in my opinion, I'm way more interested in the Aveda and the graphs compared to iOS and stellar. But for some reason, the retail investor is going towards the more dinosaur 2017 coins. Is this because aetherial defy has a marketing problem. Or because people can't relate to d phi coins because they can't afford d phi on aetherium.


Probably a bit of both. Give me your thoughts down below in the comment section. either, right an interesting metric to be aware of as retail continues to enter. Okay, next piece of 

Dogecoin news
Ellon Musk
Ellon Musk

Elon Musk's Space X is launching a Dogecoin moon mission no It's not a joke. Elon Musk's private space exploration company SpaceX took payment in Dogecoin. For a moon mission next year, what a time to be alive.

Now me personally, I kind of thought Ilan would get the Dogecoin hype out of the system, at least for a while with SSL. But turns out he is more into Doge than ever, Space X will launch, and Doge one the first-ever commercial lunar payload paid for entirely in Dogecoin. According to the Space X CEO, Elon Musk Dogecoin will be the first crypto in the first meme in space. 

Now actually Bitcoin was slash is the first cryptocurrency in space. There are Bitcoin satellites, but Dogecoin is aiming to be the second here is the direct tweet from Elon Musk. SpaceX launching satellite Doge. One to the moon next year mission paid for entirely in Doge first crypto first meme and space to the moon. Interesting. While geometric energy did not specify the exact amount of Dogecoin is involved in the transaction with SpaceX.

The firm CEO Samuel Reed said that having officially transacted with Doge for a deal of this magnitude. The two companies have solidified Doge as a unit of account for lunar business in the space sector. Let me know what you think down below one last quote from the SpaceX vice president. He says this mission will demonstrate the application of cryptocurrency beyond Earth's orbit and set the foundation for interplanetary commerce.

And they're choosing to use Dogecoin's next piece of news for Cardano and stellar. ADA and XLM are now tradable at Boerse Stuttgart, Germany's second-largest Stock Exchange. So a step forward for European adoption, and investors can now buy and sell their exchange-traded notes tens. 

So, really, this is an indirect way, German citizens can get involved in these two cryptocurrencies, in a direct quote from the exchange, interest in cryptocurrencies continues to grow and to market, momentum remains strong, with the ET ns investors can now participate in the price development of the two cryptocurrencies, Cardano and stellar through the exchange-traded securities, and for you as a hurdler. This just means that these two assets Cardano and stellar have a little bit more exposure in Europe, give me your thoughts down below. And next piece of news for 

The V chain 

V chain has officially filed for a Chinese patent. Now, we don't have all the details on this yet. I did some research, all I could find is sort this Google abstract description of the invention discloses a method. And a system for storing and acquiring temperature data, electronic equipment, and a storage medium. Wherein the storage method comprises the following steps.

Now, it lays out the technicals of this invention here. But what this means to you. It compresses the data. So, this invention can thereby effectively improve the storage performance of the temperature recorder. Also, the temperature data can be rapidly acquired. And the acquired temperature data is verified based on the blockchain so that the safety and the authenticity of temperature data acquisition are ensured and the data is prevented from being tampered with.

So cool to see v chain making moves. Now if we look right here, the status is pending. But as I get more information. I will keep you updated. Next piece of the lower cap 

Altcoin news 

Decentralized storage project cold stack becomes the first idea on superstar Launchpad. Which of course is one of the products from Super farm the cryptocurrency. So it's just cool to see projects implementing and in a direct quote. Just as we promised, we focused on quality over quantity. And expect cold stack to become the aggregator for all decentralized storage platforms with the enormous potential to surpass all existing solutions on the market. 

Now, what is the cold stack?

Cold stack is an aggregator of all existing decentralized storage networks under one dap. Enabling seamless access to the storage potential of web three. All right, cool to see the next piece of- 

Altcoin News

Definitely is finally launching its internet computer. Okay, so what is definitely? Well, its developers and promoters claimed that the new network can be the basis of a new decentralized internet. At its core. The Internet computer is the world's first blockchain that runs. At web speed with unlimited capacity solving the blockchain trilemma by producing a blockchain network. That is decentralized, as well as secure as well as scalable. Interesting. 


Now, I'm not a developer. So how they worked that out? I'm not sure. But what's interesting to me is their token is actually being listed on Coinbase pro very, very soon. So top players have taken notice. And how definitely works definitely feature an algorithmic governance system that will onboard independent data centers. And specially designed node machines. As of today, the network is supported by 48 data centers. Which are running 1300 nodes across North America, Europe, and Asia.

According to the foundation, it adds, by the end of the year. There will be 123 data centers running over 4000 to 300 notes. So something to look forward to. And for me, the ultimate test for me if this will if this is to catch on as the global Internet computer is will we see developers choose to put daps on the network and then will the people be using those daps so give me your thoughts down below.


I'll keep tabs. I'll keep you updated. That is the article. Great to be back. Great to have you back. You may have noticed before interviews we dropped over the last four days. That's because Aaron and I were actually on the East Coast at our buddy's wedding and it was cool to see because the groom was a Bitcoin or the groom's father was a Bitcoin winner and a big Madonna bowl. And there's a lot of crypto talk that happened. So just very, very cool to see. Like always see you tomorrow.


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