Top 3 Crypto to Buy in May 2021 (Huge POTENTIAL)

What a month. We had there been so much that happened this past month Dogecoin is a huge run-up of all these meme coins taking the storm crypto being down 10 to 20% then back up the next week like my goodness. But what can I say that's crypto for you. If you want to see the crazy games. You've got to have the stomach for it. I feel so good. Judging by the title of this article. You already know what time it is. It's where I go over my top crypto picks for this upcoming month. 

Trust me you're gonna want to stick around for these before I get into the article major props to any of you guys who bought safe mode if you are in the crypto space. You've probably heard of a safe one by now. If you haven't Well, it's the coin that one of the 1000s and 1000s and 1000s of percent well if you read my article back in March, I mentioned it as a crazy gamble roll the clip.

New Cryptocurrency

Now for those of you that stay to the end of the article and want to know these crazy Gamble's here are the two coins. The first one is to hold your finance in number two is moon safe. So if any of you guys bought it because of that major props to you. So you guys want to see gains just like that. All you have to do is smash that like button subscribe if you guys haven't already. And while you're there hit the notification icon so you guys are the first to read my new articles. Without further ado, let's look at the top cryptos that I think will have huge returns this upcoming month Coming in at number three is going to be polygon or Matic.

Huge potential on this upcoming month 

Now, this is a coin that I see huge potential on this upcoming month. If you don't already know what polygon is, well, it's pretty much a solution for aetherium is outrageous fees, polygon aims to provide faster and cheaper transactions on aetherium network keyword on users can deposit aetherial tokens into a polygon smart contract and interact with them within that polygon network. And then later, they can just withdraw them back out to aetherial as the main chain. Now, why is this so crucial? 

It's because it solves a huge problem for aetherium, which is the outrageous fees. Now one of the reasons why a lot of people moved away from aetherial swapping and defy projects is because of the crazy fees it has, you can try to send $50 worth of aetherial. And you have to pay like $45 in gas fees. It's just not attainable as it once was. And no one wants to pay that much in fees. That's one of the main reasons why we saw the price of Binance shot up so high recently.

It's because of the implementation of the new buy Nance smart chain if you guys haven't seen it already, a lot of people started using BnB to purchase various different tokens now because of how fast and cheap it is. transaction fees for the most part are usually, under $1 compared to the theorems 40 to 50, even sometimes $100 for a transaction with polygon, it'll take away all the high transaction fees that a theorem has.

How does it actually work?


So how does it actually work? It kind of like how by Nance smart chain is you would have your BnB token swap it to by Nance is a smart chain, and then you use it to swap tokens with polygon, it's the same thing, you would still use aetherial but you would just swap it into polygons network, which would cut down the fees to pretty much nothing. So if this gets adopted and everyone starts using polygon to make transactions with aetherium, we can see a huge run-up for its price.

Also, the polygon is listed on Coinbase in crypto COMM And all the major exchanges, unlike by Nance coin, which was pretty much only listed on by Nance and some other exchanges, it was very difficult for people to get a hold of the by Nance coin, especially if you're in the States, and you didn't have a VPN nonetheless, even with all that by Nance was able to have a huge run-up in his surprise. So I wouldn't be surprised if polygon did as well.

Price of the polygon can hit in the upcoming months? 

What was that us? Where do I think the price of the polygon can hit in the upcoming months? Well, let's find out. All right, if we look at the price action for polygon, we can see for the past seven days, it's up over 100% 134% and it's up about 9%. Today alone currently is trading at almost 87 cents. Now if we look at the market cap for polygon, it's currently at almost $4.5 billion, the volume is around 2.6 billion.

Now if we look at the price action for polygon, if we look at the past seven days, we can see a pretty consistent rise over the past seven days. Then we saw the huge run-up to where we hit almost 90 cents. Currently, the polygon is ranked number 35 on the coin market cap with a market cap of as I said 4.5 billion. Now even if we were to double the price of the polygon which would make it almost around $2. That would put it only at around 20 to 19

On coin market cap around Tron or file coins level polygon as I said helps aetherium so much with transaction fees. So if people start using polygon in place of aetherium so they can get lower transaction fees we can definitely see a huge run-up for polygons price. Now if you look at the technicals for polygon again, I'm using Lux algo.

Signals and price action for a specific crypto 

But it does a great job of showing signals and price action for specific crypto. So for this example, looking at polygon, we can definitely see a huge run-up in its price. So it was trading at around 3035 cents for a long period of time. And we can see a huge run-up to almost the high ever hit was almost 92 cents. Now if we look at the Lux algo indicator, it says we're in strong buy territory and we clearly are as I said low to care about fundamentals and technicals.

I think polygon has some huge room to grow. Now, Lux also has countless other technicals, you guys can local and making your trades such as EQ cloud reversal zones, they also have the oscillator in premium, which you guys can turn on over here. These are all great different technical analyses that I use when making my trades as well.

So if you guys want, like I said, I'll leave a link to Lux algo. If you guys want to check them out, down in the description box below, coming in at number two is going to be helium or h n t. Now, this is going to be a great one as well. Now we all know how big the internet is. And with more and more people using the internet, it can get very tricky and expensive for people to connect to the internet. So what you Liam aims to do is provide Internet to as many people through the use of hotspots that other people provide. Now they call themselves the people network. Let me explain why.

What makes this unique

So what makes this unique is that there's a demand On the supply side to h n t with the supply side, miners provide Internet coverage through the use of hotspots to people all over the world. And with the demand side, people can get cost-effective internet for them to use plus the cost of using hotspot internet is significantly cheaper than other alternatives.

It truly is an amazing wireless solution for everyone. But there's also one more reason why I think it's great investment helium is having they're having in August, which will cut down the supply to have if we take our prior knowledge of happenings we know that plays a huge role in the price of a coin. And on top of all that, remember when I mentioned that people can provide Internet Well, that is in the form of mining, you can go out and buy helium miner for like $400. 

And what makes it unique is that it isn't like the mining rigs you need for Bitcoin or aetherium. These are legit the size of a router and plug right into an outlet and make no noise and use very little electricity. Sounds awesome, right? But that's not the kicker either miners are making up to 100 to 200 agents per month, we're just two miners. If we take the price of helium right now, which is about 15 to $16, and multiply it by 150. 

How to Make Passive income

That's 20 $200 a month in passive income that people are making. Well with those crazy returns, word started getting around and people flocked to buy these miners causing them to sell out. Now you can buy them on the resale market but you aren't paying $400 anymore, it's up to $10,000. Now with the halving coming up in August, people's rewards will also be cut down in half. That won't stop people with a huge amount of people getting into mining helium and more and more people learning and talking about the possibilities of helium and how good the use cases the coin has some really good potential to grow.

Alright now looking at the price action for helium currently it's trading at $16.46 with a market cap of around 1.3 billion and a volume of around 17 million down almost 50% in the last 24 hours. Now if we look at where it's ranked on coin market cap currently it's ranked number 80. So it has a lot of room to grow. Now if we look at helium is priced the past seven days it's up 33%. And the main reason for this is all the hype behind helium mining a lot of people in the past seven days are when they heard about the helium miners. 

Helium token

So a lot of people started buying helium token because a lot of the shipping times for the helium miners were pushed back you know month Some people even said their the shipment wouldn't arrive till the end of quarter three with some people think it's not even worth mining after the havening because you aren't able to get as much HMT. So because of that people started buying HMC tokens and said that's kind of why we saw a huge price increase the past couple of days. 

Now if we look at the chart for helium, I'm currently under the three-hour chart, we can see that we're on a little pullback over here, the price we had a strong indicator all the way up here which followed through and we hit a high of about 18 almost $19 I think the high ever hit was $21 back here. This is one we saw the price goes down. This is the one a lot of the crypto was down this past couple of days. Now we saw this reversal over here with the EQ cloud so we got the confirmation over here. Now as I said we are in a little pullback. 


So hopefully I'm going to see it go down just a little bit maybe pick some more up over here. And we should see the price rise increase over time. Now this is a coin I'm in for the long term because I read an article where it said over 200,000 miners still need to be shipped out so that would have a lot of people mining helium and with that many people mining helium and a lot of word getting out that you can make passive income with mining helium. I feel as though this coin has some huge potential to grow because a lot of people are going to be talking about this coin in the next couple of months. 

As I mentioned what the halving coming up in the next couple of months. We all know previously with other cryptos when havening happens, the price usually tends to lead up leading up to the havening and after the havening usually about a year after the price skyrockets, so I'm not saying we're gonna see this with helium but there's a lot of factors that go into it. And I honestly think with all the mining that's going on and all the hype behind helium right now this coin has some huge potential to grow. And finally coming in at number one is going to be storm x. Now we all know how big cashback is right now it's one of the main reasons people are signing up for all these extra cards because of the instant cashback benefits you get for just spending now store Mex does just that


Don't make the process confusing at all. And it's as simple as it can be. And that's what they pride themselves on. All you do is download their app shot from there over 750 well-branded stores and you can get up to 85% cash back depending on your status, but what makes store Mex even cooler is that they just released their own debit card that you can order and do all your shopping from which will get you all your cash backs automatically. 

You can also stake your own store Mex tokens on their platform and makes a certain percentage every single month. And you can also play games and earn storm x tokens with the wide-ranging partnerships that they have in the user incentives like tokens staking cashback rewards on common purchases, the store max token can see some huge growth assuming that the mainstream awareness and adoption of cryptocurrency and cashback rewards also increase. 

Store Max Card

If this gets adopted and a lot of people start using the store max card or it becomes the number one place for high cashback rewards. We can see a huge rise in store Max's price. Currently, store Mex is trading for four cents almost a nickel is down around 7%. Today as a market cap of 400 million and volume of 27 million store mix has been down recently, the past couple of days. If we look at the price action store, Max has been around for a long time it was released back in 2017. And it's been pretty stagnant. It's pretty much its whole life. 

And as we can see over here, we saw a huge price increase starting in January. Now a lot of coins also went up during January. But I also think because a lot of people are utilizing crypto cashback rewards. And with storm x providing such a huge cashback incentive. I think that's one of the main reasons why we saw such a huge price increase in storm x is price. If we look at the technical analysis for storm x, we can see that price has been down the past month but that's been the case with a lot of the cryptos. One thing I utilized with Lux also is the EQ cloud. 


Now the way I read this is anytime the price is below the cloud, it means we're in a bearish trend. And anytime the price is above the cloud, we are in a bullish trend. So if we can see over here we've seen a reversal, meaning we can see a bullish movement coming in the near future. Nonetheless, if a lot of people start adopting the cashback rewards as I mentioned, this door max offers and becomes mainstream we can definitely see a huge price rise in store next is price and it actually has a use case you know you can actually buy stuff with this and get cashback. 

So it's not like you're buying a coin that has no potential or has no use case actually has a use case and you can make money with this coin as well. So I think this coin has some huge potential to grow. But that is it for today's article guys. These were my picks for the month of May. As always do your own research before you guys invest in anything. Also, be sure to let me know what coins you guys think have some crazy potential down in the comment section below. I hope you guys have a great rest of your day and I'll see you guys in next week's article.


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