About Us

About Us

Our Mision

News Flas always try to show people the truth about what has happened in society. I protest against the bigotry, violence, discrimination, and injustice of society. Make people aware. Traveling from village to town in search of truth. Always go ahead with the effort to get rid of the filth. We join the fight for truth and justice. I expose the truth in front of people. Because the people's court is the biggest court. I am constantly trying to be by the side of the people and we are committed to the people by bringing the truth in front of the common people.

Our Vision

Our vision is to eradicate injustice from society, no matter how borough its empire may be always News Flas against of this. My real purpose is to show a new direction to society by removing injustice. At the same time, find out the faces of good people and bring them in front of people. Calling the truth the truth of a lifetime.

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